Our Pastor

Pastor Raymond Henry

Pastor Raymond (Redd) Henry was born in the Waterhouse District of Kingston, Jamaica. His parents left him to be raised by his great aunt, who later brought him to America in 1970.   He grew up dodging pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and drug abusers that operated and lived in his neighborhood. Raymond stayed off the streets by keeping busy with cutting grass and excelling in athletics.


He spent his elementary years at St. Anthony Catholic School located in Sunny South Dallas, Texas.  Raymond graduated from Bishop Lynch High School.  Although he grew up in Catholic schools he did not come to know the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior until years later. Raymond spent years trying to be as far away from the Lord as he could. 


Our pastor began work at United Parcel Service UPS in 1981 and has been there ever since.  Even though he avoided God by all means, the Lord recognized his character of  faithfulness as he worked hard at UPS. Pastor Henry now uses this same characteristic for Gods glory as he faithfully shepherds the flock given him.


His zeal for God took precedence over everything else in his life. The Bible truly became his 'daily bread. Spiritual growth was tremendous as he devoured the Word of God day and night.  Whom God calls He truly qualifies, fills, and anoints!  This man after Gods heart grew from Redd to Brother Redd the Usher, to Deacon to Armor Bearer, to Prison Ministry Leader, and on March 7, 1999 he became Minister Raymond Henry.


On September 14, 1999, Minister Raymond Henry began teaching Bible Study at Paul Quinn College. This Bible Study began with two students and quickly grew to approximately ninety students. This process truly prepared him for his next step in ministry, the birth of Power of the Gospel Ministries on September 10, 2000.


Pastor Raymond Henry has operated Under the Power of the Spirit which drove him to lead his flock to be disciples and make disciples that are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. The Lord in His awesome power has made Street Witnessing, feeding the homeless, and reaching those that dont know Christ a priority for Power of the Gospel Ministries. Pastor Henry will keep you on the edge of your seat with his powerful, energetic, dynamic, titillating, and captivating preaching style.


Coach 'Redd' Henry is also the CEO and founder of the Mighty Kings Basketball Nation since September 9, 2009. This organization trains kings and queens for the future and the gospel comes to life whenever they enter the basketball courts. This diverse non-profit outreach organization brings players from the north, south, east, and west together in unity in the DFW area!


God is truly in the process of enlarging his territory and if you desire to share in the process please contact this Great Man of God at powerofthegospel@aol.com




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